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By Rev. Sandra Turnbull

The Bible has historically been mistranslated and misunderstood when it comes to sexuality and faith. At the Glory Center, we believe in the diversity of human sexuality and that God's word does not condemn any sexuality, including homosexuality.  ​


Pastor Sandy has provided an in-depth study on the six Scriptures that have been used historically to condemn homosexuality in God's Gay Agenda.  Jesus' words in Matthew 19:12 about eunuchs who are born so from their mother's womb is explained in detail.  According to extra-Biblical sources, natural born eunuchs were known to be gay men and therefore the term "eunuch" was a 


euphemism for homosexuals.  The early Church Fathers embraced the natural born eunuchs as Bishops in the Church as seen at the Council of Nicea.  It was only later that eunuchs or homosexuals started to be excluded from the Church due to a misunderstanding of God's word.  This revelation of God's word is transforming the Church.  In fact, God's blessing is on churches


that welcome, affirm and love everyone just as Jesus did!  At the Glory Center, we affirm everyone and especially misfits, non-religious people, LGBTQ, transgender youth, diverse families, the divorced and the whosoever that God loves and is bringing into His Church.     ​


God's Gay Agenda is also now available in Chinese.

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