05-01-2022 Week Two "How God's Word Changes Me" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

05-08-2022 Week Three "Learning Kingdom Living" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

05-15-22 Week Four "Getting My Marching Orders" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

"When Dead Things Come To Life" by                       Pastor Sandy Turnbull

No Sermon Notes for this service

Easter Celebration Service by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

No Sermon Notes for this service

Special Speaker: Pastor Cherie Stephenson from the Golden Gate Glory Center

No Sermon Notes for this service

04-24-2022 Week One: Meeting Face To Face With Jesus" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

03-06-2022 Week 1: "Breaking Free From Poverty" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

03-20-2022 Week 3: "Richness In Weakness" by Grace Tay

03-13-2022 Week 2:  "Becoming Relationally Rich" by Janet Robertson

03-27-2022 Week 4: "The Purpose For My Prosperity" by Brian Brown

04-03-2022 Week 5: "Sowing Seeds For A Windfall Harvest" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

01-02-2022 "Starting Your New Beginning" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

01-09-2022 Week One: "Sitting At Jesus' Feet" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

01-16-2022 Week Two: "A Heart Of Worship" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

01-23-2022 Special Speaker: Scott Stimson

01-30-2022 Week 3: "Pursuing The Prize" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

02-06-2022 Special Speaker: Pastor Danny Cortez

02-13-2022 "Love Is In The Air": special Thank you service including words of love by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

02-20-2022 "Becoming A Prophetic People" Part One by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

02-27-2022 "Becoming A Prophetic People" Part Two by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

12-05-2021 Special Speaker - Pastor Danny Cortez *No Sermon Notes For This Service*

12-12-21 "Waymaker - That Is Who You Are!" by  Pastor Sandy Turnbull

12-19-21 Glory Center's "Christmas Hope Celebration" - Christmas message by
Pastor Sandy Turnbull
*No Sermon 
Notes For This Service*

12-26-21 "Worshiping Christ At Christmas" by Pastor Sandy Tunbull

08-29-2021 "Stirring Up The Gifts Part One" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

09-05-2021 "Stirring Up the Gifts Part Two" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

10-03-2021 "When the Church Comes Together" Part One by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

10-10-2021 "When the Church Comes Together" Part Two by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

10-24-2021 "When the Church Comes Together" Part Four by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

10-31-2021 Special Speaker: Angel Arevalo

11-07-2021 "When Life Turns Upside Down by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

11-14-2021 Special Speaker: Cherie Stephenson "Finding Your Strength"






08-01-2021 "Why Church?"                       Week One by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

08-08-2021 "Why I Need My Church Family" Week Two by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

08-15-2021 "My Super Gifts"
Week Three by Janet Robertson

08-22-2021 "Why My Church Is The Hope Of The World" Week Four by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

06-27-2021 "Hello, My Name Is Healer" Part One by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

07-18-2021 "Hello, My Name Is Healer" Part 3 by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

07-04-2021 "Hello, My Name Is Healer Part 2 by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

07-11-2021 Special Guest Speaker:
Pastor Danny Cortez

*There are no sermon notes for this service

07-25-2021 "Hello, My Name Is Healer" Part 4
by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

06-06-2021 "The Battle Over Your Blessing & Increase" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

06-13-2021 "Faith Speaks" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

06-20-2021 "You're Invited To The Table" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull 

 04-11-2021 "The Cry For Freedom"

by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

04-18-2021 "The Invitation To Be Free" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

05-02-2021 "The Anxiety Exchange" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

05-09-2021 Mother's Day Service - Special Guest Speaker: Pastor Cherie Stephenson

05-23-2021 How To Run Free" by
Pastor Sandy Turnbull

*No Sermon Notes for this service*

05-30-2021 "What Does An Encounter With God Really Look Like?" by Rev. Donald Pederson

*No sermon notes for this sermon*

04-25-2021 "Freedom From Discouragement" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

05-16-2021 "The Anointing That Sets Us Free" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

Palm Sunday Service: "Discovering Breakthrough Miracle Power" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

Good Friday Service: "What Is Remembrance Without Impact" by Rev. Judy Horn

Easter Celebration Service: "A New Beginning" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull


03.07.21 WE'RE BACK!! 

03.14.2021 "What Praise Does To Your Problem" - Pastor Sandy Turnbull

We Honor You Pastor Sandy!

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

01-03-2021 "Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

01-24-2021 "God's Grandest Dream For You"

02-14-2021 "Living The Dream In God's Family Of Love"

01-10-2021 "Walking Though A Door Of Hope" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

01-17-2021 "Why Dream Again?" - Week 1 by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

01-31-2021 "How God Recovers Lost Dreams"

02-21-2021 "Seeing & Believing For A Life Of Health And Wholeness"

02-07-2021 "Discovering The Place Of Dreams & Visions

02-28-2021 "Dreaming Of A Future Filled With Blessing & Abundance"

12-13-2020 Church - It Really Matters

by EMI Director, Janet Robertson

(no sermon notes for this service)

12-20-2020 "What's In A Name?"

by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

12-27-2020 "Unwrapping Your Miracle" by Pastor Sandy Turnbull

Glass Buildings

If you sense that there is more to life than what you are living, you are not going nuts!  When you give your life to Christ, your new spiritual DNA is that of Royalty. You are called to Greatness.  Learn how to live out true greatness in your life practically by following Christ's teachings on love and compassion. Join us for this new sermon series- CALLED TO GREATNESS. 

11-01-2020 Week 1: Intro to

Called To Greatness

11-22-2020  Special Thanksgiving Sermon:

When In Trouble, Give Thanks

11-08-2020 Week 2: Called To Love

11-29-2020 Week 4: Called To Serve

11-15-2020 Week 3: Called To Care

12-06-2020 Called To Reveal Jesus

God is in the Turn-Around business. 

He loves to surprise us out of his goodness. In fact, the Bible says that it is God who turns our mourning into gladness. This is a great promise to grab hold of as we continue to face the pressures of a pandemic, wildfires, economic stresses, relational isolation, and pressures from all sides. 

09-27-2020 Week 1: When God Surprises Me

10-04-2020 Week 2: Why God Still Performs Miracles Today

10-11-2020: Special Speaker - Angel Arevalo "I Want To Know You Holy Spirit

No sermon notes for this service

10-18-2020 Week 3: When God Goes Beyond My Expectations

10-25-2020 Week 4: When God Gets Your Attention

Marble Surface

09-13-2020 Ready For My New Assignment

09-20-20 Special Guest Speaker:

Rev. Donald Pederson

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.19.34  AM.p

07-12-2020 Week 1: Awake! A Call for the Church to Engage in Spiritual Warfare

08-02-2020 Week 4: Awake! Armed & Dangerous-The Belt Of Truth

08-23-2020 Week 7: Awake! The Shield Of Faith

AWAKE! A Call  for the Church to Engage in Spiritual Warfare.

This new sermon series will focus on our call as Christians to wake up in order to engage in the invisible battle all around us.  Jesus said that His church would be in spiritual warfare against enemy forces.  However, Jesus also promised us at the same time that the Church would prevail or win the spiritual battle.  This is good news!  The problem is that many Christians do not understand that they are in a spiritual battle and so they look for natural remedies such as positive thinking, using their own energy, or naming and claiming this or that.  Yet, you can't use human weapons to win a spiritual battle.  So, this series will address the mighty weapons that God has provided for His praying Church to win any spiritual battle.

07-19-2020 Week 2: Awake! Lift Up Your Voice!

07-26-2020 Week 3: Awake! Gaining a Big Picture Perspective of the Battle

08-09-2020 Week 5: Awake! Armed & Dangerous-Putting On The Breastplate

08-16-2020 Week 6: Awake! Put On Shoes Of Peace

08-30-2020 Week 8: Awake! Got Your Helmet On?

09-06-2020 Week 9: Awake! Pick Up Your Sword!

We started offering in-person worship services as of May 31, 2020. We are so grateful for this opportunity to welcome you back to the church location.  It will be great to see your lovely faces again, although we will be wearing masks and offering only air hugs for a while longer.  We will, of course, continue to offer live streaming for our worship services so that you can choose whether you would like to join us onsite or online.

*As of July 19, 2020 we will host our worship services online only via Livestream per our Governor's instruction until notified otherwise. We hope to see you online*

06-07-2020 Unity and Glory

05-31-2020 Receiving The Power Of Pentecost

06-21-2020 Discovering Healing In His Hands

06-28.2020 The Power Of God's Word To Heal

06-14-2020 Putting On Praise

07.05.2020 Discovering The Secret Place

Unshakable big only 2020-04-18 at 2.00.2

4-19-2020 Week 1: Standing On The Rock In Uncertain Times


Please join us for our new sermon series called UNSHAKABLE. More than ever, it is important that we keep trusting in the God who is unshakable.  Join us as we worship together and make sure our praise brings heaven down.

4-26-2020 Week 2: How To Go Through Life's Valleys

5-03-2020 Week 3: Learning To Trust

In A Good God

05-10-2020 Week 4: The Faith Of Our Mothers (Two videos below)

5-17-2020 Week 5: How To Have Mountain Moving Faith

Holy Week Services

Palm Sunday Service - watch Pastor Sandy preach a sermon titled "Praise That Opens Doors and Shuts Doors". Sermon notes are included for your study time.

Good Friday Service  - watch special speaker Angel Arevalo preaching a sermon titled "The One Who Loves". A special time to reflect who Jesus is in your life. Invite a friend or family member to watch as well.

Easter Celebration Service  - He Is Risen! Join us as we celebrate the Risen King! Jesus paid the price once for ALL. Let us share in this experience and the gratefulness of our salvation. Pastor Sandy preaches a sermon tit